At Fortunes Fine Jewellers we see jewellery as an art, and we have refined our craft to bring you something special and unique. Our artisans adhere to the same ideology, creating beautiful jewellery pieces that will last you a lifetime. Our goldsmiths are in-house so you can be assured that, from start to finish, your custom designed piece will be perfect. Whether you’re interested in a custom engagement ring, bracelet or earrings, or if you wish to redesign your out-of-style jewellery, the staff at Fortunes brings a wealth of knowledge to make your experience absolutely delightful.



If you have fallen out of love with your jewellery or have a piece languishing in your jewellery box, why not bring it back to life? Michael daCosta, owner and artist, is a winner of numerous design awards and is renowned for the creativity he brings to his designs. He and our master craftsmen will bring new life into your out-dated jewellery, revitalizing and creating stylish works of art that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. Selling your jewellery that is out-of-date is an option, but whatever compensation you receive is little compared to the value you preserve by redesigning your piece. Fortunes’ staff can help you make this decision by educating you about the design process and directing you with our best intentions.

Existing Piece

design stage

Final Sketch

Finished NEcklace

The process

Let us make your vision reality. Fortunes’ team will work with you to create your own unique pieces. No design in mind? Our award winning designer, Michael daCosta is never short of wonderful ideas. The design process is without obligation, relaxed and engaging. Our goldsmiths are master craftsmen, responsible for creating our award winning pieces and custom jewellery designs from scratch.

Although it’s not always necessary, we recommend that you call or email us to request a time most convenient to you; usually between a half hour and an hour is enough time. During our initial consultation we will focus on putting your ideas to paper in an iterative process, done while the design is discussed. Once we understand your inspiration, and an agreement is reached, the design will be formalized in detail in preparation to be made. Upon completion we can provide you with a price quote and time frame for completion.

booking a consultation

final product

Our skilled goldsmiths will most often hand forge your piece directly from either gold or platinum to create your jewellery. Using a highly skilled craft and time-worn tradition, we create some of the best handmade jewellery in the country. Once the piece is completed, our master setter fits the gems into place. In the final step our goldsmith will refine the piece to perfection, after which the finished piece is thoroughly inspected and approved. Fortunes’ staff places the upmost care into each and every custom piece. The final product will be a beautiful piece of jewellery that you can cherish and pass on through generations.